Corporation Board

  • Responsibility to Active Members

    The Alumni Association Corporation Board of Alpha Kappa Lambda, Gamma Chapter will be responsible for the development of undergraduate members utilizing mentoring in such skills as leadership, scholarship, volunteerism, professionalism, and brotherhood.  We will strive to empower the Active Member Executive Board to make proper and informed decisions which affect their peer brothers.  We will provide the tools to make each Executive position an enriching experience to better prepare these officers for life after college and to ensure they continue to be men of character committed to making a difference in the world.


    Responsibility to Alumni Members

    The Alumni Association Corporation Board of Alpha Kappa Lambda, Gamma Chapter, will be jointly accountable with the Active Members for such activities as alumni relations, proper stewardship, maintaining the physical plant, and ensuring the House has members who fit the ideals of Alpha Kappa Lambda.  The Alumni Association Corporation Board will also be responsible for ensuring the long-term sustainability of Gamma Chapter through thoroughly planned and effective fundraising and strategic vision activities.  We will be men of action in support of Gamma!


    Shared Responsibility:

    • Supported by our Alumni
    • Guided by our Alumni Association
    • With important links to the University Faculty
    • Through shared experiences in a Fratrnity House designed to give men the best college experience in Urbana-Champaign and the University of Illinois


    Current Corporation Board


    Chris Disher, '77, President

    Dave Twardock, '76, Vice President

    Tom Franz, '80, Treasurer

    TJ Blakeman, '00, Chapter Advisor

    Tony Cacich, '78

    John Evans, '72

    John Kessler, '60

    Eric Schmidt, '92

    Rick VanEgeren, '78